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Australian Manuka Honey Combo 1

MRP:Rs 5451    Rs. 3647

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Australian Manuka Honey Combo 2

MRP:Rs 10751    Rs. 7164

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Australian Manuka Honey Combo 3

MRP:Rs 8218    Rs. 5473

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Flavoured Manuka Honey Combo

MRP:Rs 4778    Rs. 2969

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Raw Manuka Honey Combo

MRP:Rs 15803    Rs. 10526

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Buy manuka honey combo online in India

Honey is the common liquid – gold delicacy used as a substitute for sugar. Our Australian Manuka Honey Combo boxes are of supreme quality. With antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties Manuka honey improves digestion, promotes wound healing, and prevents tooth decay. With 10 different Manuka Honey varieties, it is a great and healthy option to use as part of your daily diet for everyone in the family.

Manuka honey combo price online in India

We import Manuka Honey only from licensed vendors in Australia who provide us with the best ratings on the Unique Manuka Honey factor on the rating system. Manuka Honey has been used since ancient times to treat a variety of ailments and this natural source of healthy and vitality is just the thing you need to incorporate in the daily food your family consumes. Be it taking your warm milk at night or using it as a syrup for your breakfast in the morning or adding a healthy spoonful to your fruits and desserts, enjoy its health and goodness at the best rates you can get in Chennai. Our honey combo online prices are the best you can get in India.

Manuka honey combo delivery in india

Log on to Skholla.in and get the best of Manuka honey from our honey combos online. We deliver within 48 -72hours. With a range of payment options, enjoy the best of honey from the comfort of your home. Just click, cart and pay. We deliver at your doorstep. Enjoy the healing power of honey and the vitality it adds to your body. The potent Manuka honey combos from Skholla.in have a higher MGO (methylglyoxal) giving you a better antibacterial effect.



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