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MANUKA HONEY MGO 30 – KANGAROO 2 jars 140g gift

MRP:Rs 2614    Rs. 1775

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MANUKA HONEY MGO 30 – KANGAROO gift box with 4 jars

MRP:Rs 5013    Rs. 3388

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Buy manuka honey gift boxes online in India

What can be a better gift than the gift of a better immunity during these days? Our gift boxes of Manuka honey are elegantly packed and safely delivered to your address in the most presentable way. The high MGO factor shows its potency in being effective against all types of bacterial infections. Manuka Honey gift boxes online are available at Skholla.in. All you need to do is click, cart and pay and we will have them delivered to your home within 48 hours.

Manuka honey gift box price online in India

Working against many bacterial infections the other purported benefits of Manuka honey are: healing cuts and scrapes, easing out stomach aches, improving digestion and boosting the immune system. Honey is low on fluid and draws it from the wound and the reason for wounds, acnes and scars to heal faster. Say yes to Manuka honey and benefit from its healing properties. The Manuka honey gift box price online at Skholla.in is one of the best in India.

Online manuka honey gift box delivery in India

Enjoy the ease of shopping from the comfort of wherever you are and cart in the boxes of good health. The Kangaroo gift box from Skholla.in comes at affordable prices and watch our website for offers and discounts and benefit from our unique loyalty and referral programs. Follow us on social media to know more about Online Manuka Honey gift box delivery in India



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