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Skholla Gingelly oil / Parambariya Cheku oil

MRP:Rs 369    Rs. 325
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Skholla marachekku GROUNDNUT OIL / Nilakkadalai ennai

MRP:Rs 362    Rs. 325
SAVE 14%

Skholla Marachekku Coconut Oil

MRP:Rs 493    Rs. 425

Skholla Marachekku Gingelly oil / Ellu ennai

MRP:Rs 496    Rs. 450
SAVE 18%

Skholla parambariya chekku groundnut oil / nilakadalai ennai

MRP:Rs 340    Rs. 280
SAVE 12%

Marachekku oil combo

MRP:Rs 1341    Rs. 1180

Buy parambariya Chekku Oil online in chennai

One important staple in any diet are oils. Our cooking oils decide our daily calorific intake and cholesterol. Though essential in the right amounts traditionally the cooking oil was cold pressed and the seeds were not pressed at high temperatures like that in the oil mills to extract the oil. This retained the essential vitamins and minerals in the oil and boosted our health in many ways. Get Parambariya Chekku Oil online in Chennai from www.skholla.in

Our combination of cooking oil is cold pressed or commonly known as ‘marachekku oil’ in the vernacular which is made in the traditional way to retain the goodness of the seeds and pulses. Skholla.in has a range of oils which include, groundnut oil, gingelly oil, and coconut oil and they all come in different sizes as well. Enjoy our Oil Combos at great prices and get them delivered at your doorstep.

Parambariya Chekku oil price in Chennai

Our Parambariya oil comes to you at the best price in just a few clicks with Skholla.in. Our referral and loyalty programs are a great way to save and enjoy offers and discounts especially on staples like Oil, Rice and Pulses. Call us in case of any missing items and it will be delivered to you at the earliest. Skholla.in offers the best oil prices online in Chennai.



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