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Dry Grapes 200 Grams

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Dry Grapes 200 Grams are considered nature’s healthy alternative to candy because not only do they have a sweet taste, they have also been the subject of phytonutrient research which has discovered a diverse range of health benefits
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The sultana is a "white", oval seedless grape variety. The phenols in the sultana have shown to have high levels of antioxidant activity. These antioxidants go on to protect the body from “free radicals”, a harmful body that can lead to cell damage, clogging of arteries or even some forms of cancers.

1)Protection against cavities and tooth decay
2)Help to correct any iron deficiency
3)Protect the eyes from free radicals
4)Helps to prevent the onset of osteoporosis 
5)It helps to prevent bone degradation problems.
6)Preventing the growth of harmful bacteria



Dry Grapes 200 Grams

98 75