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Berry Fruits Combo

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International Combo Fruits

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Indian Fruits Combo

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Exotic Combo Fruits

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Orange Combo Fruits

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Apple fruits combo

MRP:Rs 699    Rs. 499

Buy fruits online in Chennai

Check out our range of fruits. Get exotic fruits at never before prices at Skholla.in. From Indian to International fruits, we source all types of fruits that perfectly fits your bill on the fruit needs for your family. Our range of fruits include, apples, oranges (Nagpur, Egypt and Australian) Berries (Blueberry, Strawberry ) Pomegrantes, Kiwis (Green and New Zealand brown Kiwis) Mangoes, different types of Chikkus (Sapota), South African Green William Pears, Green Pears from Himachal Pradesh, Vietnam Pink Dragon Fruit, Pineapples, Rambutan, Star fruit, Guavas , Figs , Avocadoes, Gooseberries , Longan Litchi Fruit, Green Grapes , Black Grapes, Mosambi (Sathukudi) and an exclusive combination of special premium fruits, international fruits, berry fruits, apples and oranges


Online fruits delivery in Chennai

With an excellent network of producers and fruit farmers in India and globally we ensure the supply of exotic and special fruits are continuous so that you need not compromise on your diet plans. The fruits are carbide free with no wax coating and are shipped in controlled temperatures so that their freshness is preserved. Online fruits delivery in Chennai is just a few clicks with Skholla,.in

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Make you of our special offers and discounts and get the best fruits online in Chennai at the best prices. Online fruits delivery is now easier than ever before. Our loyalty and referral programs win you points with unique offers making you benefit from the savings. Fruits are an essential part of your daily diet as they supply you with all the necessary vitamins and minerals you need make the most of our array of fruits on Skholla.in today!



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